Jott This Down

Technology in the hands of businesswomen

I know you are all so busy. It seems like we can’t go anywhere or do anything these days without multitasking. Our cell phones can be pretty handy for helping us stay on top of appointments, keeping our address book at our fingertips, allowing us to interact on the web or letting us check the news, weather, or sports scores. If you are like me though and don’t have a fancy smartphone with internet access, you might feel like you are missing out. Well, I have made a discovery which you might be interested in – Jott.

Actually, it’s a re-discovery. I first learned about Jott quite a while ago. At that time, it was a free service that basically allowed you to send memos and   calendar reminders to your e-mail inbox over the phone. It had limited usability in my opinion and I never really used it much nor had I even thought about it in a while. With all the hoopla in the media though about Google Voice, I decided to go research Jott just to see if it was still around. I must say I am quite impressed with what I found.


Just to let you know up front, Jott is no longer free. However, their rates are very reasonable and you can get a free trial to see if you like it. Anyway, I started using it today and so far, I really like it.  Check out this video to see a more or less real life example of how Jott works.

The basic idea is this. Whehn you are out and about doing your errands, taking the kids to a game, at a scout meeting, etc. you can place a simple phone call and use Jott to help you keep track of information you don’t want to forget.  Everything is done by voice so it is very user friendly and you don’t need to be extremely tech savvy or have a fancy phone.

You can use Jott to post to your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts (yes, all by voice) and even catch up on the latest news. All this can be done from any phone whether it is a cell phone or land line. Jott basically takes what you say and translates it to text. You then have multiple options of what to do with that information. There is even an option for you to have your voicemail translated to text and sent to your inbox. I have had a lot of fun testing this out today and It has been extremely accurate with the speech to text transcription so far.

To use Jott, you call a toll free number and literally just tell the system what you want to do. The basic selections are:

  • Notes – You can send memos to your inbox so you won’t forget an important thought or idea
  • Reminders – Have Jott send you a reminder about appointments or important events
  • List – Keep track of “To do” lists, grocery lists or your holiday shopping list
  • Contact – Send a message via SMS or e-mail to any of your contacts
  • Groups – Contact groups of people all at one time with this function
  • Link – Use Jott to interact with various online tools including Facebook and Twitter
  • Feeds – Jott can tell you the local weather report, or read your favorite newspaper articles or blog posts to you.

All with just a phone call!


I think the things I am most excited about are the Links and the Feeds options although anyone who knows me knows I should get a lot of use out of the notes and reminders options.  My brain does not retain information as well as it used to.  There are so many options available to use with Jott and doing it all by voice is so easy! I tried both the Twitter and Facebook apps with Jott and they worked perfectly. There are a few other things I want to try like Google Calendar and I will let you all know later in the week how things are going or if I find any hitches.

If you would like to try Jott for yourself, just click here for a one month free trial. To be completely transparent, I want you to know that is my “Refer a friend” link. I think I get $1 or something like that for anyone who signs up and decides they can’t live without Jott. This is available to every Jott customer so if you like referring people to services you love, there’s another plus.

I have tried to explain Jott to the best of my ability here but the best thing to do is check it out for yourself. If you are already a Jott customer, please share your experiences in the comments section. I would love to hear if it has helped you to be more efficient or productive. Even if you don’t like it, please share your reasons why. I’ll be sure to give an update at the end of the week and I will give you my honest opinion of the service.